I would like to pay for new feature
 The current version of HashCat has a long init time, for some of computers it can be reach a few minutes .
 I want to pay for the development of the next function :

I want to split cracking process on two stages:

For example we have the following command 
hashcat -m 0 -a 1 /root/hashes/hashes.txt /root/rockyou.txt

I want that we start the first instance of hashcat with following params (service mode):
  hashcat -m 0 -a 1 -run_as_service
The software will init the kernel (-m 0 -a 1) and will wait for hashes.

We need also define list for all the kernels that need to be loaded. For example
  hashcat -load_kernels  m0a1, m10a1, m20a1, m30a1, m40a1  (the following params is only example)

And for init kernel for a dictionary, we need to pass maximal password lenght in dictionary

Then we start the second instance of hashcat with following params:
  hashcat -m 0 -a 1 /root/hashes/hashes.txt /root/rockyou.txt  

It search if hashcat already run in service mode and send params to this instance using any interprocess communication methods (pipes or sockets or files or ...) . And hashes will start cracking instantly, becouse all initialzing for kernel -m 0 -a1 already completed !

I searching a developer who can create a fork and realize theses functions.