How uninstall Hashcat? (Linux)
Hello, I installed the latest version of hashcat

git clone
cd hashcat
make install

But now I want to remove this version of the program.
Please tell me how? If I enter a command:

apt-get remove hashcat

then I get an error saying that hashcat is not installed for me, although it is installed and can work.
apt-get is a package manager, which is only aware of packages cataloged on the system. If you install with make, you are setting this up outside of the package manager's purview, and it will fail (as you have already seen.)

If the makefile does not supply an uninstall for you (I don't think hashcat has one) you basically just need to remove all the files it put in place (and potentially undo any config changes which may have been made.)

With hashcat, fortunately there's not much to do. This should solve it for you:

Quote:$ sudo rm $(which hashcat)
sudo make uninstall
Thank you very much guys, I did it! You can close the topic!