Dictionary Attack
I am working on the WPA and using the Dictionary attack but I keep coming up exhausted and no results..So what would be the best course of action ?? I tried Brute Forcing but my laptop is junk..
Would should be asking if there is a better word list over RockYou or something else I should be doing ??
rockyou is a good wordlist but you should add rules. Hashcat ships a bunch. There is no way to guarantee cracking a hash though.
WPA can always use some extra effort. Many routers have default passwords which can be found here on our forum
Default password list

Other routers which are not listed on the default password list usually have common re-occurrences such as being 10 digits long or starting which specific first characters. So my process usually goes: 

Obtaining an handshake or PMKID
checking pixiedust attack
checking ebay or sale sites for that specific router model and looking for barcodes (WPA default keys)
Setting up different attack vectors based on research

Most common passwords are phone numbers in my area so setting up a quick attack which usually takes 30 seconds cracks a majority of the passwords. Next is default passwords based on router and finally is a wordlist attack with base64 rule.