Compiler for hashcat
Hi atom,

I have just a few questions :-)
What compiler are you using for hashcat (especially CPU version)? If you are using GCC, did you try also Intel compiler? In some cases it can produce much better SSEx code. And what about compiler optimisation for different platforms? At least Intel/AMD.

I understand that CPU version has not high priority, but it is not difficult. Maybe it could be interesting to use hashcat for SSEx benchmarking purposes. If there were different binaries available (from different compilers and maybe also compiled with optimisations for different platforms), users would post their results to see performance gains/losses...
Hey Dalibor,

glad you're back Smile

I am using GCC 4.6 on Linux and MinGW for Windows. I can not use ICC or VS because of the costs for the compiler, thats why I am not using them. I know its free for Linux, but its not for Windows.