Gpu Limit
So what sytem would you recommend building ?

13 x 1070 gpu, asrock h110+, risers and rack


gaming motherboard 3 x 2080 and 3790x amd cpu

would the 13 x 1070 not be more powerful  ? and also why blower is it not more efficient coolling with open air fans instead of a shrouded cover i.e blower sytle, does the blower style not create a lot more heat ?

the logic is the twin or triple fan open style gpu cooling benefits from heat being able to escape from under the cover more than a enclosed blower style, and the fact theres twin or triple fans would cool it more
It all depends on what you're going for, but personally I'd go with 7 x 1080 Ti's. They would generally be the same or faster than 13 x 1070s and you could simplify your build substantially.
thanks for your input, in you opinion is dual fan gpus better than blower style for heat dissipation

Unfortunaly 7 x 1080ti + motherboard etc is going to be over $7000 I want to stick to max $7000

I can get the 13 x 1070 for around 3800 on new egg + psu motherboard rack etc

I'm kinda bound to the $7000 price I dont want to go over, Im trying to get as much gpu power under a budget , I might be able to strech to 1070ti's

I suppose I can go ahead with the 13 x 1070 and at a later stage scale out maybe add another motherboard and buy more gpu's as I go along at a later stage I could use hashtopolis and combine the both systems , but that would be in maybe a year

thanks for your responces
I see this very often recently that users try to just go all-in without any prior experience with hardware and building cracking rigs and afterwards try to blame others (hashcat etc) for their fault... I'm not saying that it is the case here... but why would you start with such a huge project and such a difficult task of setting up such a monster cracking machine ?

Are you experienced with these types of setups ? Did you build several (smaller) cracking rigs before etc ?

I mean, for the machine with 13 1070, you would need at least 13 * 8 GB (VRAM of 1070) of RAM... that would be probably a minimum of 128 GB (or 112 GB, which is kind of an odd number)... risers also sometimes come with a lot of trouble, especially if they are cheap ones and you are not experienced with them... the power supplies (PSUs) can be difficult to set up correctly and there might be even a problem with your power outlets/cabling etc to power such a huge rig etc etc etc

Building such a huge rig is indeed a challenge and it is easy to miss some important steps (especially if you are eager and try to save a lot of money at the same time, e.g. not buying founder edition or reference design cards or "forget" about how important cooling is for maximum speed and prevent throttling etc).

I don't want to discourage you, but it's not that easy to get everything working.... please at least don't blame hashcat or hashcat forum users afterwards for things you didn't consider or saved money on.
It's just a friendly warning that there might be some challenges to get everything working at maximum speed if you are not experienced with this things.
Thanks for your response

Yes you and everyone that chimed in is 100% right , I just was'nt thinking it through enough

I had tunnel vision with the whole "more gpu's is better" thing which is completly wrong

after  thinking about it a 2080ti is like have 2 x 1070 , so 13 x 1070 is lets say for arguments sake 6 x 2080ti, the fact I think I will save money etc is wrong, 13 x 1070 will produce double the electricity and double the heat and be a nightmare to lookafter i.e risers faulty power etc its just not a wise option after thinking it through and listening to you guys

I need to rethink this !!!, something like brutalis , It will take maybe 6 months to finish along with the $7000 budget . I could buy the chassis and a supermicroboard and cpu and 1 gpu card now and every month buy more and build it up.I need to check prices . I will look into the brutalis spec and try to work off it as a template

after looking into twin fan and reference/blower cards,  blowercards are the way to go as it dissipates the heat out the back and not into the chassis ,

I have learned a lot, but I have still lots to learn thanks for you advice , thanks for the input for everyone who posted