Cannot capture WPA handshake on macOS by any means
In my free time I go in for pen testing and wireless security using my 2018 MacBook Pro. I have been trying to capture 4-way WPA handshake using 3 various tools: airport command, tcpdump and Apple's native Sniffer under Wireless For airport I followed this guide, for tcpdump I followed this one and finally for the macOS native Sniffer I followed this guide. My focus is capturing the handshake the passive way, without using deauthentification. When I started capturing using either tool, I turned off WiFi on my iPhone, waited 15 seconds, then turned it back on and connected to my WiFi (created by Apple's 5th gen Time Capsule) hoping to capture the handshake. Out of my trials, not once was I successful.
I would appreciate if anyone could advise me or point my to the right direction on how I should go about solving this problem.
This function is extremely limited on proprietary operating systems.
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Linux and a WiFi adapter whose driver support monitor mode and packet injection (native by kernel driver).