Error in Self-test AMD Praphic
Hello, I'm new with hashcat, my problem is as follow:

I need to crack a veracrypt container, so i extraceted the hash, which is SHA512 with a cascade algorithm, I'm not sure which one, i created the container in agoust 2017, i'm fairly sure is a 3 cascade algorithm, but agian i'm not sure, now vaeracrypt have an algorithm call Kuznyechik(Serpent(Camellia)), does hashcat can decrypt 3 cascade algorithms? like the previous on or AES(Twofish(Serpent))?, anway, i am using a test container for testing, and when i start hashcat with the hash 13722(Im not sure if tha tis the correcet code, due to various options having the number 2, so i assume hashcat will use various), but it appear this:

* Device #1: ATTENTION! OpenCL kernel self-test failed.

Your device driver installation is probably broken.
See also:

The thing is that i just installed my windows, and inmediately installed the last version of my graphic card, is a RX 480, and the driver is theĀ Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.1.3, so is the lasted approved; that is mainly my problem, how can i solve this if i have the latest driver, do i need something else? the AMD-APP-SDK 3.0 could help? I manage to find it, but I'm not sure if installing it would get it better or worse, thanks in advance.

One more question, I'm new and don't know much about the community or the team, so I would like to ask Will hashcat be updated anytime soon? i see that the lastest version was realsed in 2018, so i wanted to kno why.
try the beta version from