Need help to identify encryption
I have a router Huawei HG8145V5 and I backed-up config file in order to find root password, but I found that password is encrypted and here is how does it look like
    UserName="root" Password="$2tMx=+eY3+*g46l*b@Uk<3YN$L`<#K!j(5a%(5\G1ma7;;hP=RH.:q[XMze!FL43,O#}Fz9zLFQ6/>!:)aHY:QL/Bg<TMj(5^U2$I$"
I tried SHA256(MD5(password)) but its not sha256 its something diferent, can anyone guess what encryption is it ?
I think this is not a good strategy to get a helpful answer:
1. breaking forum rules ( Do NOT post hashes
2. it could be anything... I think you either should find the answer online (on some router forensic/dissecting/pwning forums etc) or try to reverse the firmware yourself (we actually already got some similar questions like this here: , and it's a similar user name to yours ? but what should we do with this if the algorithm is not 100% known... hash cracking is NOT really a algorithm guessing game, at least in most of the cases, fortunately)
On a lot of "Default Usernames & Passwords" lists for routers Huawei devices seem to have the password 'admin' or '' as the password. Perhaps try that before trying to break the configfile crypto.