2nd life for 1070 cards - preferred cooling solution
Does anyone here have experience with the Arctic Accelero III GPU cooler?


I have a number of 1070 cards that I was mining with, but I might use some of them in a hashcat rig.  Before I put them in a case, I wanted to give them a better cooling solution.  I could invest in water cooling for this, but that is extra expense and work.

I usually only run 2 GPUs per hashcat rig, so the extra space that the Accelero III cooler uses shouldn't be a problem.

The 75mm fans (40mm mounting) on the Gigabyte 1070 cards that I have been using have been reaching end of life because they only use a sleeve bearing that wears out quickly.

Possible solutions include buying replacement fans from AliExpress, finding replacement fans that use another bearing (like ball bearing), go to water cooling, or going to an aftermarket cooling solution like this one.  The Accelero III is supposed to use a fluid dynamic bearing for its 3 fans, which, I have read, is supposed to last longer than both a sleeve bearing fan and a ball bearing fan.

It appears to be a good way to go, but I'm curious what the preferred cooling solutions are these days, especially for the Nvidia GTX 10 series cards.