If I were to try to crack SHA-256, which hashmode would I use?

I mean there is SHA2-256 or SHA3-256 and the rest with salt and digests.
There are „hashcat -h“ and a lot of youtube videos if you dont know the first steps.
the youtube videos are not much help
hashcat wiki shows hashmode 1400 as sha2-256 but youtube video shows as sha-256, which is correct?
There is no "wrong" algorithm implemented in hashcat. All the hashing algorithms are correct. They are just different like night and day. (maybe you could say some are more similar, but the result is still most of the time completely different).

yeah -m 1400 = SHA2-256 is what we commonly name also SHA256 , this is of course an unsalted hashing algorithm (no salt involved).

WIthin the example hash wiki or the --help output you will also find some salted sha256 algorithm. Of couse you need to know which algorithm was used to generate the hashes, otherwise it's just a silly guessing game (and you would need to try several/all of them and you might not be able to do so if you don't have an example hash:pass pair or if you do not have the salt, while the algorithm used the salt etc).