Simple Question
Hey Guys,

simple question: Do we still need 32bit builds?

Yep mate,
i do need 32bits builds of the CPU version, to use on my old dedicated servers.
I don't need them anymore for -lite and -plus though..
more comments?
I still have one of my computer that is 32 bit. If you would decide to go without 32 bit and have the time bomb on previous version, that would be pretty bad.
For me all versions goes @64 so - no need anymore.
Is there any difference in performance? If not, i don't even see a reason for x64 libs. While x86 normally runs fine on almost all x64 OS, this does not apply vice versa.

Nevertheless I personally only use the x64 version atm.
there is no speed difference between 32 and 64 bit for the gpu tools, the cpu tool greatly benefits from the 64 bitness.
what about linux security distributions? are they all available as 64 bit?
OK, got several comments on twitter. I will keep the 32 bit versions. Thanks for comments! Thread closed.