hashcat found MD5 plaintext but it is not correct not sure why
Hashcat found the below plaintext but it is not correct

9C....:oraio einai

 However the md5 hash for it is c60.....

Can any1 tell me why this happened? The command I ran is below

./hashcat-6.0.0/hashcat.bin  -m 0 --session md5escrow --remove -o md5escrow.txt. escrow/MD5/5831-1596177547-8f6b44d8-unfound.txt wordlist/*
first of all, it's not allowed to post hashes here, see: https://hashcat.net/forum/announcement-2.html

You will get banned for this action from this forum. There is kind of a zero tolerance policy, otherwise users keep spamming hashes here and trying to trick us in cracking them by mentioning some weird issues etc.

It doesn't matter if this hash is just an example, or you need to post it to proof something or it's just your best neighbors WLAN etc etc etc . It's not allowed. FULL STOP.

second, you just have one misunderstanding..

the first hash (9fc7...) was generated by this "oraio einai " (without quotes, in hex: 6f7261696f2065696e616920)
the second hash (c60d...) was (wrongly) generated by this "oraio einai\n" (without quotes, \n replaced by a newline character ASCII 0x0a, in hex: 6f7261696f2065696e61690a)

The addition of the extra newline character seems to be a very common noob problem (and it's pebcak), it even made it into the most frequently asked question section:

This means, that you need to use your tools correctly (for instance the unix "echo" command always adds a newline at the end, except if you tell it to not add it with -n)
Thank you I have no intention of breaking any rules I have removed my hashses