Choosing hardware after rtx 3000 release
Choosing new hardware setup is a bit hard at the moment. The new cards look great, but also needs 2,5 slot space 😮between them (until a blower style is released) 

I'm looking towards the rtx 3080 since the price to performance seems to be good. 

The main issue now is that 4u rack servers usually have 2 slot space for gpu's and the 3080 founders cards will warm each other. 

What are your setup at the moment and what are your plans for upgrading. 

Is it possible to make a mining rig style? Or is it too bulky.

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I think Asus might be offering a blower style 3000 card soonish:

Quote:We have even more GeForce RTX 30-series graphics cards in the works, including a handy Turbo design that exhausts hot air directly from cases. It’s perfect for small-form-factor builds or enclosures that can use a helping hand in keeping system temperatures in check. Stay tuned. 

It looks like Gigabyte even want to bring out a 3090 blower: