Android FDE
Pls anybody help me Smile

i haveĀ full of emmc bin imageĀ 

Key Size: 16 bytes
Algo: aes-cbc-essiv : sha256
MKey: 0x64818532A5DB19FC613A6D1A990D3895
Salt: 0xD171CBC7640BDBD0F066C496CE6E5AD8

find footer

strings -t d emmc.bin | grep aes-cbc-essiv : sha256
90734628 aes-cbc-essiv : sha256
1453383493 aes-cbc-essiv : sha256

dd bs=1 skip=$((90734628-36)) count=16384 if=emmc.bin of=my_footer

What type of mode to use?
10900 | PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256
22400 | AES Crypt (SHA256)

How correctly get hash for mode?