List of FPGA to use with hashcat?
Is there any source for which FPGA is suppoeted by hashcat.

I know its possible to use the ZTEX 1.15y with various other setup but they are hard to find.
No, there are n FPGAs which have been proven to be able to compile our kernel source, including the ZTEX boards. Those only work with the native ztex code written for JohnTheRipper. You would need to find an FPGA that can properly compile OpenCL. No current FPGAs, as far as i am aware, allow for JIT compilation of OpenCL kernels because compiling kernels for them can take hours/days/weeks to complete. You would need to go through the process of manually PreCompiling the kernel source for your specific hardware, using the tool chain specific to your hardware(which can be quite expensive on its own), and then from there load the kernel into hashcat via the kernel folder or make some modification to the hashcat host code to select it specifically. This would also likely need to be done per attack given that some things are changed during compilation depending on attack settings.