how to run maskprocessor in multiple threads?
I have a 4cores CPU (intel i3) but I can see the mp is running on 1 thread only.
How can I force it to run on multiple threads to complete the dictionary list faster?

the other more advanced question is can I use clusters (on a small network) to finish the job faster?
You can't. It's single threaded.
(11-29-2020, 12:04 AM)undeath Wrote: You can't. It's single threaded.

hold your horses there. I had this idea while ago:
How about splitting your key space into 4 and start 4 instances of mp separately 
each with start flag -s at each of the 4 segments and stop flag -l pointed at the start of the adjacent segment

I think that would work wouldn't it?
This is an easy hack to do that, maybe developer can implement this into future releases? otherwise I'm thinking of developing a wrapper around this tool. It's amazing Smile