Is Cloud Cracking a good choice? Price Calculation
Hi there,

I've been tweaking yesterday, getting started into cloud computing with AWS and I've finnally setted up an Ubuntu remote cracking rig, although with the free account which is a very limited VM (1 GB RAM and specs I don't recall now), that was just for testing purposes.

I'm just asking if is there anyone who knows the current state of the Cloud-Computing services, in terms of GPU offerings and their efficiency on working with hashcat, so to use a rig that it is affordable and in a timely manner.

My job requirements are of 289.254.654.976 Combinations to be cracked in (Wtihout much time constraint , I would like a week, but it could be a month)

To crack a 289254654976 combination password in a week I need 478,264.97 H/s
Or what is aprox 479 KH/s 
(The hashing algorithm is 2500 = WPA/WPA2)
I've read that AWS (
offers the following instances:
  - g3s.xlarge – 193.3KH/s = 17.32 days
  - g4dn.xlarge – 344.8KH/s = 9.70 days`
  - p3.16xlarge: 6519.9 KH/s = 0.513 days

Providing the cost per hour of usage each we can calculate the estimated cost of the job in the case scenario that it cracks the password at the very last attempt:

  - g3s.xlarge – $0.94 per Hour = 17.32 days = 390.74 $
  - g4dn.xlarge – $0.615 per Hour = 9.70 days`= 143.17 $
  - p3.16xlarge:- $28.712 per Hour  = 0.513 days = 353.47 $

I don't know If I'm missing something , I'm probably doing something wrong with the figures, still the cost of Cloud Bruteforcing if you are to have more than 1 job is not worth it. (You could purchase a computer for 500 $ with a decent Video Card and will do the job maybe on two or 4 times longer than the Cloud Services, still you could do a Rig for Double that price and get a good performance).

What are your opinions about it? Have anyone actually found cloud services affordable? Am I missing any point on the calculation?

AWS is expensive. You can find cheaper : find low cost gpu box (but your need to setup things) or use online hash cracker (they know the things).
For example onlinehashcrack can test your charset for around $70 in few hours. Or gpuhashme for few satoshis.
Any major cloud computing provider has one big disadvantage: the ToS of nVidia.
Normally you need the enterprise cards like Tesla, which are more expensive then consumer GeForce cards.
My opinion is, if this is a one-time job, use a one hash cracker. If you have multiple jobs in the pipeline, then build a rig for yourself. With the next RTX 3000 series you get a good bang for the buck ratio. You get an solid rig for under 2k$. How often you will use the rig, depend if a online cracker or dedicated rig is cheaper for you.