How to attack long random passwords
Good evening within about this post because I too would like to understand on some modern modems the password is 24 alphanumeric characters capital letter lowercase letter and numbers I'm trying with masks and rules in combination with dictionaries but the times are very long an example of my password of my modem:


what method could i use to optimize times?
Or rather which mask and rules do you recommend?
Thank you all.
You cannot crack 24 char random passwords.
I thought with masks and rules I could somehow get started, I tried to create dictionaries based on MAC and S / N target but I had no luck thanks for your attention.
Quote:I thought with masks and rules I could somehow get started
If you know how the password is built, you can create a mask/rule.
Example, you know that the first character is always a letter, and the 2nd one is always a digit, etc., you can customize the attack.
But if it si REALLY random, you cannot.
Thanks for the tip unfortunately it's random thanks ...