multiple characters in generated password
Is there any way how to tell maskprocessor or stdout function in hashcat to skip all the generated passwords with 3 or more same characters in a row ? Like  " aaaaaa ; aaaaab, Bhzzzf  ; !!!!!! ; aaaHcs "   Or how to sort them out from already generated wordlist ?
Applying a rule could be an option. This site explains how to do it: .

That being said, I may be wrong, but there is no reject rule that rejects passwords that has repeated characters.

The most similar reject rule that is aviable is %NX which "Reject plains which contain char X less than N times". From what I understood, it rejects passwords that contain e.g. if %4a it will reject aaar45gU9 ; 8YnjaaKw3 and so on.

Now, if you already have a wordlist you could just open it in a text editor, like Notepad++ (I just tried with this one) and find "aaa ; bbb ; ccc ; ddd ; eee ; AAA ; BBB ; CCC ; DDD ; EEE ; 444 ;..." and delete the repeated characters. It may sound tedious, but it's the only way I've found right now.
GOT IT! Try using the maskprocessor. You will need to use the -q option: "Maximum number of multiple sequential characters"

here's the link: