Can I optimize further?
Trying this with Hashcat 6.1.1: 

hashcat.exe -m 1800 -a 0 -o cracked.txt hash.txt -O --force --status -w3 --remove --potfile-disable -r rules\rockyou-30000.rule rockyou.txt

I've tried reading the manuals, wiki's and googling- took a while to get to this point and make things work. 

I see this as a result: 

Session..........: hashcat
Status...........: Quit
Hash.Name........: sha512crypt $6$, SHA512 (Unix)
Hash.Target......: (Blanked out per forum rules)
Time.Started.....: Tue Feb 02 00:07:14 2021, (20 mins, 16 secs)
Time.Estimated...: Sat Nov 28 04:15:56 2026, (5 years, 299 days)
Guess.Base.......: File (rockyou.txt)
Guess.Mod........: Rules (rules\rockyou-30000.rule)
Guess.Queue......: 1/1 (100.00%)
Speed.#1.........:    2344 H/s (63.34ms) @ Accel:4 Loops:512 Thr:8 Vec:1
Recovered........: 0/1 (0.00%) Digests
Progress.........: 2848576/430331520000 (0.00%)
Rejected.........: 0/2848576 (0.00%)
Restore.Point....: 0/14344384 (0.00%)
Restore.Sub.#1...: Salt:0 Amplifier:1894-1895 Iteration:3584-4096
Candidates.#1....: 123456 -> bunny
Started: Tue Feb 02 00:07:12 2021
Stopped: Tue Feb 02 00:27:31 2021

Is there anything I can do to further refine this job? I seem to be missing key elements to narrow things down given the estimate of 5 years to complete. 

I appreciate any and all constructive advice others with more experience are willing to share. 

Thank you.

Still looking for guidance/assistance please.

What hardware are you running it on?
(03-19-2021, 09:09 AM)azaran Wrote: What hardware are you running it on?

I tried this on an Intel Core i3-8109U 3 GHz system (Intel NUC NUC8BEB) initially just to see if I could make it work. After a while of trying when it finally worked I was pleased until I saw the length of time it would take. 

I know this hardware isn't desirable for this task due to the GPU it has, but given the difficulty to get to this point as well as not knowing how to optimize better, I don't know that it's worthwhile to continue. 

Depending on what tips/optimizations are suggested, I'll play around with this a bit more.
Well, your cracking speed is just 2344 H/s while GPUs like RTX 3080Ti are capable doing 373.2 kH/s => they are ~160x faster. So even when using just one high-end GPU your attack should compele in ~13 days, if my math is correct. Your attack seems doable, but you HW is not really made for cracking.

If you wanna use this CPU of yours, you gotta reduce number of rules and potencially number of words in dictionary, or by other target you attack more specifically. I do not see too many improvements to be made on the hashcat command you posted.