Dogecoin Wallet
Hi guys 

Sorry for my bad english ... if someone speaks french he can help me Smile 

I found an old Dogecoin wallet.dat in my old computer but my standard passphrases dont work ... can hashcat helps me ?

thanks a lot 

Salut Xav,

Oui, mais francais est pas ma langue meternelle. Mais je suis sure que tu va me comprendre. A la suisse on apprends deux langues :-)

Je peut t'aider. Soit on fait publice ou tu m'écrit privé.

Tout d'abbord on doit savoir quelle wallet t'avais utulisé est le plus imprortant: Est ce que tu as encore le wallet.dat ?

Tout le rest on verra plus tard :-)

Centurio, I really appreciate your answer and willingness to help, but we try to keep this forum english only (see

Of course it's okay if you communicate via private messages in other languages and it would be also okay if (also both of) you use an online translator (and post the english version here, even if we all know it's not always the best, most of the times the translated text is understandable after thinking a little bit what it could mean).

Don't worry about this "warning" about the forum rules, it's very clear that you just wanted to help a new forum user... but you can still use this opportunity to double check the small set of "forum rules". The problem with using different languages in this forum is of course very clear (in general)... the moderators most of the time wouldn't be able to understand if the text posted is against other forum rules or is spam etc... and that we try to use a common language.

Here is a translated version of the above french answer from Centurio:

(04-06-2021, 07:57 PM)Centurio Wrote: Hi Xav,

Yes, but French is not my mother tongue. But I'm sure you will understand me. In Switzerland we learn two languages :-)

I can help you. You can either publish or write to me privately.

First of all we need to know which wallet you used is the most important: Do you still have the wallet.dat?

The rest we'll see later :-)

Ok, thank you phil. Indeed I did not check the rules before, and as you stated correctly, it was not my intention to break the rules.

Let's see if Xav will answer in english :-)
Anyone else searching on this, you can break a dogecoin wallet (provided it's in the bitcoin format), though it can take a long time.  I have the same issue,  I have a passphrase written down but it's not working to unlock the wallet for some reason.  I have been able to take the wallet run it thru which would give me a bitcoin hash that I can use in hashcat.  I have tested this with a simple password (3 characters) and it works.  I'm now running it against 6 chars which will take forever on my M1 mac.  It seems that it takes a lot of processing power to brute force this.  I haven't yet put any money towards it so it's going to take a while.  I'm seeing about 505 H/s on my M1.  I did use AWS and try a single Tesla V100 and would see around 12027 H/s.   This is nowhere close to cracking other types.
Why wouldn't the paraphrase work if it's the proper one? Is the file corrupted?