Help CPU Speed
Good day gentlemen!

Please tell me, on what parameters does the speed of brute-forcing passwords, to ETH, Bitcoin depend?

Number of cores or frequency? Or maybe what else?
Amd ryzen threadripper 2970wx processor
Is this good for tasks? Or would you recommend another one?
While hashcat can use just a CPU, it is far, far faster to use a GPU. I recommend a good video card (or 2+), then the proper drivers. The guys in the hardware forum could help you more with that than I could though.

Speed also depends, heavily, on the hash type. Some hash types are fast, such as MD5 or NTLM, while others are designed specifically to be slow and expensive to compute, which makes them harder to brute force.

Finally, while brute forcing does work, a more targeted attack is generally faster and has a higher chance for success. Think wordlists and rules.