QUESTION about power in hashcat
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I was interested in asking a question, I wanted to know if this particular device Black Arrow Prospero X-1 Asic Miner 100 Gh / s Bitcoin Miner If I connect it to HASHCAT and try to defuse a HASH, I will get more power using this device than using for example 2 graphics cards RTX 2070 6 GB each?

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Black Arrow Prospero X1 Specifications:

- Up to 150 Ghash / second
- Easy to use
- Immediate functionality
- Silent
- Compact and stackable design
- Ethernet connectivity
- Web interface for configuration and graphical reports of mining activity
- Supports Stratum protocol
- Integrated LCD screen to display statistics and diagnostics

Your are not mining bitcoin with GPU anymore. The latest ASIC miner deliver a hash rate far abouve your 150Gh/s. Check it on

A far more interesting approach would be to use the "old" ASIC Miner for cracking passwords. But that is for an other subject :-)