HCCAP format description

Note: all versions of oclHashcat have been replaced by a unified OpenCL CPU/GPU version, now known simply as hashcat.


Note: The hccap file format has been replaced by hccapx.

HCCAP is a custom format, specifically developed for oclHashcat.

The data itself does not differ from usual tcpdump format. In fact, it's absolutely the same. It is just rearranged a bit.

A valid hashcat cap file (file extension: .hccap) contains one or more instances of the struct type documented below. If you have several single .hccap files which you want to merge into a single file (say multi.hccap), one can accomplish this by just concatenating one file(s) one to the other(s):

Attention: currently only oclHashcat supports loading and cracking of muliple networks at once. Multi-hccap support is currently not available in hashcat (CPU-based version).

$ cat single_hccaps/*.hccap > all_in_one/multi.hccap

copy /b single_hccaps\*.hccap all_in_one\multi.hccap

or select single ones

copy /b single_hccaps\1.hccap + single_hccaps\2.hccap all_in_one\multi.hccap

It seems that also cap2hccap is able to generate .hccaps that contain several networks (i.e. more than one struct instance, multiple networks w/ possibly different essid)


C Structure

typedef struct
  char          essid[36];

  unsigned char mac1[6];
  unsigned char mac2[6];
  unsigned char nonce1[32];
  unsigned char nonce2[32];

  unsigned char eapol[256];
  int           eapol_size;

  int           keyver;
  unsigned char keymic[16];

} hccap_t;

Detailed Structure

Attribute name Offset range Attribute description
Essid 0x00 to 0x23 the essid(name) of the access point
Bssid 0x24 to 0x29 the bssid(MAC) of the access point
Wpa stmac 0x2A to 0x2F the MAC address of a client connecting to the access point
Wpa snonce 0x30 to 0x4F random salt used for handshake by both parties
Wpa anonce 0x50 to 0x6F random salt used for handshake by both parties
Wpa eapol 0x70 to 0x16F EAPOL
Wpa eapol size 0x170 to 0x173 size of eapol
Wpa keyver 0x174 to 0x177 the flag used to distinguish WPA from WPA2 ciphers. Value of 1 means WPA, other - WPA2
Wpa keymic 0x178 to 0x187 the final hash value. MD5 for WPA and SHA-1 for WPA2 (truncated to 128 bit)
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