Math Question !
Some time ago I made a feature request for maskprocessor to have some sort of “markov” ability.

My main request was to allow the user to be able to stipulate the number of sequential identical characters when brute-forcing a WPA key.

The idea is that it is very uncommon (although not impossible) for a single character to be in a password multiple times, sequentially.

AAAAAAAX is of course a possible password but unlikely. I have seen 2 sequential characters before in real world passwords but I have personally never seen more than 2 sequential ones.

So while atom is considering whether or not to implement this I was trying to work out just how much of an improvement on a brute-force attack it will actually make.

Some router providers use 8 uppercase characters as their WPA key. Using my HD5870 I can do the full key space in 26 days. However this is using the pure brute force method.

What I am trying to calculate is how long would it take me to cover the keyspace (assuming no more than 2 sequential characters are present and the user sets the maximum to 2) using this new feature ?

I understand how to work out the full method, 26*26*26*26*26*26*26*26 but I have no clue where to start on the enhanced method !

Anyone clever enough to be able to work this out ?

have a look on the

this is a generator that allows you to generate a wordlist with no character repetition

you could either stdin or generate a wordlist and after use that wordlist with hashcat

now regarding the calculation i would say...


i am not 100% sure but based on the character repetition then you dont want adjacent 1 set of characters
Thank you for the tip about crunch, I have tried crunch before but I am hoping hashcat and hashcat utilities will eventually become the complete answer to all hash cracking needs !! ha ha ! Big Grin

I am also more than certain that atom will make a better, more stable and fully optimised version. After using hashcatplus for a while and slowly learning more and more about how hashcatplus and atom work anything else just seems like something to use until the “proper” atom version is released !

I am not meaning to sound in the slightest ungrateful for your suggestion though.

Thank you for helping with my math question, I have no idea where to start with a calculation like this. I am sure your answer is correct but it has me a little confused as to how you arrived at it, so I will have to think where I was going wrong.

Thanks again and welcome to the forum ! Smile
i have been asking atom lots of stuff the last emm lets say .. some months : ).. so i decided not to push any additional work .. I know when he decides to expand hashcatutils he will come out with what you need + what you WILL need ...

I have been around *cats for a long time but first time posting in the forum so thanks Smile

(01-07-2012, 11:23 PM)ToXiC Wrote: i have been asking atom lots of stuff

If atom accepted your requests and they are not on my list can you please post them here so I can add them ?

I am trying to get all accepted ones in one place.

Thanks. Smile
thanks for keeping the list up to date, helps much
(01-08-2012, 12:27 PM)atom Wrote: thanks for keeping the list up to date, helps much

You're welcome ! Its a pleasure Big Grin