good wordlist
Hi, guys!

Just wanted to share my wordlist if anyone needs it.
Can be used for any brutoforce hacking.
It consists of all the big lists you find on internet, merged together removing duplicates and leaving passwords longer than 8 chars.
It took me few months for this to complete.
Glad if it helps:
hmm, interesting.

but the site looks quite bad/fishy. "tested on neighbours Wi-Fi", bitcoin address, "must-have", big password list to download (let me explain below)....

and back to the topic, I and most serious crackers would prefer a smallestandmostsuccessfullwordlist(dot).com instead.

as you might know, the efficiency is king when it comes to wordlists. The smaller and more cracking, the better !
huge lists are mostly full of crap. small lists together with good working rules (-r best64.rule etc) will always win, big time !

Of course I must say that I didn't download/inspect your wordlist and of course (if the wordlist is really good and successfully cracks a lot of hashes) I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to thank you for your effort. Thx
+1 philsmd

"longer or equal to 8 chars" -> designed for WPA attacks
"507 Gb uncompressed" -> would take months to complete on standard 1080's.

Might (?) be useful for faster algo like NTLM.