Password distribute for parallel processing
validator: Please do not take this the wrong way as it is not my intention to discourage you,, but rather to give you a reality check. It's great that you are interested in password cracking and have the ambition to develop your own cracker. However, from the things you have said on this thread so far, it is clear to me that you neither have the knowledge nor the skill necessary to undertake a project of this magnitude. The fact that you are talking about brute forcing 10 character passwords and needing 80000 terabytes of storage tells me you do not actually understand how password cracking works in practice. I would highly suggest learning about how password cracking actually works before you jump right in to developing a distributed cracker.

If you need a distributed solution, there are FOSS (hashtopus, disthc, etc) and commercial (Sagitta Hashstack) solutions readily available to you. I would strongly suggest sticking with one of those for now.

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