Clustering Still Possible ??
Thanks for the fast Reply.

sagitta dont sale hashstack with out u buying one of their system.

I saw it already :-( but there are some gits of it i think ?? or ?? or am i wrong.

u should know that using workstation will reduce their life span + consume alot of power.

I know that effect but thats the smallest point. Better than running the server Overclocked for so long time .... i can fast refix or change a station but the server ...nope...

So u would recommend hashtopus in the end ? the problem is i need to crack newer hashes like DCC2 so i think they are not supported from hashcat , they are supported by ocl so maybe u can tell me how to change hashtopus to use ocl.:-)?

Also there would be no problem to run that exe i could also push it via the server , if they are running on win. As i think it is possible to use hashtopus on win. Also the token would not be the biggest problem.

So the Information i got now :

1. get hashtopus running on server as well as on clients . Maybe u had an tutorial ? and u can give me the link? also i will search thats not the problem i think:-)

2. get alle these machines connected and run the Prozess.

3. Have a clue how to change the settings to use Ocl with Hashtopus


Looks easier :

1.install Cracklord , seems like they have oclsupport, also it was at Blackhat

Should run under Win as well or ?

So i will give it a try tomorrow , maybe later today after i got back form gym :-)

I will go for Cracklord looks good

If there are some Other Users wich have already experience with Crackloard i would be happy if they could help me a bit by setting up the whole . But i think google will Help


CRACKLOARD I´m on the way

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