Intel openCL
(12-31-2011, 11:39 PM)atom Wrote: yes, CPU integration into oclHashcat-plus is planed in a VERY VERY later release. till that, use hashcat CPU Smile

First off, let me say that hashcat rules! The opencl version especially. I am using the ocl-hashcat-lite since I am only working with a single DES cipher (My good ol' 5970 loves it Big Grin 80M/sec combined!). Anyway, I was kinda fooling around with it and tried it on my laptop as well, but it only has an intel core i5 CPU with the integrated intel HD graphics.

I looked up some details and then went here to check it all out...

Seems like it could work! Not the fastest, of course... but I can't use the normal hashcat 'cause it doesn't like DES at all. After all, DES was created as a hardware cipher, so it makes sense I guess.

New oclhashcat-lite version is out already but it doesn't have intel support yet. And from your statement I guess you won't be including Intel's take OpenCL for a while. I am not asking for an ETA but is it high-ish on your priority list or not at all?

Thanks for this awesome program anyway, it owns!

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