Intel openCL
(01-12-2012, 10:05 AM)atom Wrote: The Intel GPUs are not supported by their own runtime. My motivation for "just" adding the CPU is not very high although you can use hashcat CPU as an alternative. You are right, DES is not supported, but for CPU + DES you can still use jtr

I understand; and I have been using JTR but it only utilizes 25% of my CPU (i5 - 2 cores 4 threads), basically the typical behavior of a non-multi threaded application. There's a way to make it run on all four threads if you run JTR from linux (it is not possible in Windows) and I tried it but there were some errors and in general, the app wasn't stable.

Just wondering then, isn't OpenCL like a general interface for computation on devices that support it? I don't know much about this of course, so forgive my next question's noobishness, but how "hard" would it be to make it so that ocl-hashcat-lite could use the intel's take on OpenCL? Are the calls / structure that different? I'm just interested in the principle and differences, not actually asking you to create the opencl version.

Thanks for the reply Smile

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