Help in creating the right syntax
With the help of another program so far tried to find the key to the next wallet in the once popular BTC puzzle where at this stage I am looking for [1] private key [/ 1] that will match [2] compressed wallet address [/ 2] and fit in keyspace 2 ^ 59 or [3] HEX 0400000000000000-07FFFFFFFFFFFFFF [/ 3] or [4] DEC 288230376151711744- 576460752303423488 [/ 4]. I would love to start using the hashcat in this matter, however, repeated and long-lasting attempts to submit the correct syntax ended in failures. I am asking for help which exactly the module is suitable for me in this case, and as in the example below, an example start command would look like:
[1] - searched value (cracked)
[2] - portfolio address (compressed) to which I am looking for a key
[3] - the interval in HEX in which I want to search (knowing that it contains the searched value in it)
[4] - possibly as above only that in DEC

Thank you very much for help !

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Help in creating the right syntax - by zielar - 01-14-2019, 11:48 AM