Wordlist optimisation based on ruleset
(12-22-2019, 09:35 AM)rarecoil Wrote:
(11-06-2019, 01:37 AM)eddie4 Wrote: Ouch it's only reading at 2-3MB/s hitting 100% on a single core. Ill see if i can't improve on this if i do ill post it here.

thanks for posting this. after reading this i pushed some similar changes back to rurasort, including some compile-once optimisations for hash-remove: https://github.com/bitcrackcyber/rurasort/pull/7

im pretty sure pack does what you want. I think its with the rulegen.py or something (its been a while I have done any cracking) and you have like an option to get it where it spits out a word list and a rule list that should cover the same keyspace so to speak.

$ python rulegen.py korelogic.txt -q
    [*] Using Enchant 'aspell' module. For best results please install
        'aspell' module language dictionaries.
    [*] Analyzing passwords file: korelogic.txt:
    [*] Press Ctrl-C to end execution and generate statistical analysis.
    [*] Saving rules to analysis.rule
    [*] Saving words to analysis.word

see the last lines in my capture : it saves the rules and the words but you have to play with settings to get a good equivalent coverage. This might take time if you have a big list.

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