wasabi wallet crack
Hi.  There was another Wasabi thread from a year ago but it was clunky.. apologies if it's a protocol breach to open a new thread.  ANYWAY..

I have my 12 word mnemonic for this wallet but no idea what I used for a password.  Strangely Wasabi lets you type in a password once and it's done.  I think i set this up as a test wallet never intending to use it but naturally I just sent some BTC to this inaccessible wallet.  (Why I bothered to write down the 12 words and without regard to what I used for a password?  Rookie error.. that's all I got.)

1 Wasabi is not currently one of the hash mode options.. does anyone know if it's on the roadmap?
2 Wasabi wallets can be recovered with Electrum (if you know your mnemonic and password).  There are three Electrum hash options:  Salt 1-3, 4, and 5.  Wasabi uses BIP38... does that align to any of those three Electrum options?

Appreciate any help.  It's just 0.1BTC in there.  If anyone wanted to take this on, I'd be happy to share it.


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