hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
calculate hashcat's "--nonce-error-corrections" using hcxtools

In some special cases hashcat isn't able to do nonce-error-corrections.

If you use wlanhcxinfo option -a -A to get  the required informations and you see this:
mac_ap           anonce

Byte 7 is incremented.
There are gaps between the values (caused by packetloss of the dumper).

Now it's time for wlanhcxmnc. This tool will do the nonce-err-corrections for hashcat.
Calculate the nonce-err-corrections value as in post 61 described: 0x3e - 0x31 = 0xd
Then run:
wlanhcxmnc -i yourfile.hccapx -a xxxxxxxxxxxx -o correctedfile.hccapx -b 7 -n d

wlanhcxmnc will correct the nonce values for this ap xxxxxxxxxxxx and save them to a file.

Now you can run hashcat with --nonce-error-corrections=0 on that file.
This is possible, because the nonce-error-corrections is allready done by wlanhcxmnc!

update hcxtools 4.0.0-rc1:
Added new option -I to wlanhcxmnc:
-I          : show mac_ap and anonces

now you can use
$ wlanhcxmnc -i yourfile.hccapx -I
to get the required informations for hashcat's nonce-error-corrections

stdout is used for printing this informations. So it's possible to redirect the output to a file
$ wlanhcxmnc -i yourfile.hccapx -I > apinfos

wlanhcxinfo option -a -A no longer needed for this purpose!

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