hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
Thank you very much for your help, ZerBea.
After some field tests, i think the problem really is with Atheros driver (I really miss my broken Alfa with 3070). But if I run the program with a "--disable_ap_attacks" key, then this problem does not happen. There is one more observation. If i do not use additional parameters, but simply specify the interface and output file, then the program works without problems if there are not more than half a dozen access points around. As soon as i start the program in a place where the radio air is very busy, after a while problems begin. I can not even connect to the ssh until i disconnect my adapter from usb, that causes hcxdumptool to stop working and after that i can connect via ssh again. I can still capture PMKID from the access point to client, but i do not initiate this process through hcxdumptool.

With my second question, everything is very clear to me. I'm really clearing the file manually to reduce hashat worktime. In my case, I need all MAC for my personal database and I just wanted to make sure that there is no error. This really can happen if I stumble upon Mikrotik CAPsMAN or access points that automatically organize a single wireless infrastructure (like some Asus models, for example).

Once again, thank you for all the information and I wish you great success in the development of your project.

Update: Oh. I must try new version now, i think.

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