hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
(09-18-2019, 10:41 PM)ZerBea Wrote: Looks like the interface wasn't set complete to monitor mode and / or packet injection isn't working like expected.
You can test packet injection running:
$ hcxpcaptool -i wlan1 --do_rcascan
-do_rcascan                      : show radio channel assignment (scan for target access points)
                                    this can be used to test that ioctl() calls and packet injection is working
                                    also it can be used to get information about the target
                                    and to determine that the target is in range
                                    use this mode to collect data for the filter list
                                    run this mode at least for 2 minutes

If packet injection isn't working like expected, hcxdumptool will tell you this after 2 minutes otherwise you get an information how many access points are in attack range

Your command line isn't good. We are using a bitmask. That means you must add the values:

--enable_status=<digit>            : enable real-time display (waterfall)
                                    some messages are shown only once at the first occurrence
                                      1: EAPOL
                                      2: PROBEREQUEST/PROBERESPONSE
                                      4: AUTHENTICATON
                                      8: ASSOCIATION/REASSOCIATION
                                    16: BEACON

That means if your real time display should print EAPOL and AUTHENTICATIONS, the correct value is 5 (1+4)
If you would like to see EAPOL and PROBEREQUEST/PROBERESPONSE the correct value is 3 (1+2)

Obviously, packet injection does not work.
What may be happening. I have an Edimax AC600

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