hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
Most of the features you requested are already build in. The rest can be done by bash commands.

Netgear123:WPA*01*2f5c05d6ad2070743...etc or if the AP name is bad then "Hex...:WPA*01*2f5c05d6ad2070743...etc"
--info=stdout will do it
We do not touch the hash line (-o output), because neither hashcat nor JtR like this)

Don't worry about a "big" hccap file. You can split it into single parts, running split -b
use hcpcapngtool to convert to .22000 hashfile
use hcxhashtool to filter and to write result all to a single hccap
use bashtool split to the "big hccap" into single parts:
$ split -b 392 --additional-suffix=.hccap test.hccap
use bashtool grep -r NETGEAR to find your desired hccap
$ grep -r NETGEAR
Binary file xzrdg.hccap matches
Binary file xzequ.hccap matches
Binary file xzasl.hccap matches
Binary file xzask.hccap matches
Binary file test.hccap matches <- that is the big one

feed old hashcat with desired single hccap
hashcat -m 2500 xzequ.hccap wordlist

--ignore-ie should be used on damaged cap files, or cap files which doesn't provide RSN-IE and/or WPA-IE elements.

"I assume setting --authorized in hcxhashtool will only output more reliable hashes as in more likely to be correct and crackable?"
No, all hashes should be recoverable. --authorized means that the CLIENT from which we take the M2 is allowed to enter the network. --unauthorized means that a CLIENT tries to get access to the network, but is not allowed to enter it.
PSKs you recovered from both kinds of hashes are valid, but only one of them belongs to the network.

Please keep in mind:
hcxtools are designed as analysis tools and not to "crack" a single network. If you would like to use them you should know basics of LINUX, basics of ieee802.11 and basics of radio technology.
Running K*A*L*I and a high power WiFi adapter is far from enough.

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