hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
Hi ZerBea

I notice today that you have chosen to remove the ability for users to define mac_ap and mac_client as it makes hcxdumptool's stealth capability ineffective.

Some of us have no need for stealth and the ability to easily identify hcxdumptools mac_ap and mac_client is useful when viewing captures with wireshark.

I assume those who require stealth capabilities are unlikely to define mac_ap or mac_client anyway so could the option please be retained?

As you know I am learning and just playing with your wonderful tools as a hobby. I wondered if you might consider a feature request for people like me who are interested in how all this works.

When the new hcxpcapngtool outputs the new format 22000 could there be something like the hashcat debug option with rules where the user can see which rule was effective? It would be very useful to people learning if hcxpcapngtool could have a switch whereby if enabled hcxpcapngtool would output a .pcapng which contains only the items it used to produce each hash line and which it believed were the best to create the output hash line?

I am learning to make my own beacon, m1,m2,m3,m4 selections with wireshark and it would be interesting to see how my selections differ from the ones hcxpcapngtool makes. Also people who are experts at this sort of thing may also be able to help improve hcxpcapngtool if they notice that a better choice could have been made. I am not suggesting there is any likelihood of that by the way Smile

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