hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
Hi ZerBea and sorry for not replying yesterday I started reading those links you provided and as usual started following other links etc... LOL

As you know I have no option but to use hccap files (not even hccapx) as hashcat no longer supports my old GPU.

I am trying to use only your tools instead of doing everything the aircrack way. The following might be helpful for others stuck in my position and who need to still use hccap.

Once I have my pcapng file from hcxdumptool I use hcxpcapngtool to output to hccap and importantly I also output 22000.

Unfortunately hcxpcapngtool is unable to split the hccap output into individual network files.

So to get a more useful result I use "split -b 392 (pathtopcapngfile)" to make individual hccap files but they have random names. I then have to look through each file to find the ESSID I need. This can be tedious when there are sometimes 50 or more networks and I am not smart enough to know how to automate this search.

I often find many .hccap's of the same network I am interested in and I once assumed any output from hcx-anything produced a valid handshake but I have discovered some are not crackable. However thanks to your posts here I can now check for this.

Once I have found all the individual .hccap files outputted by hcxpcapngtool I open the .22000 file and look for the Key MIC that matches one of the hccap files and I have found this to be the one that is usually crackable.

I understand you wish to dump old formats but if there is anything you could advise or even alter within hcx-anything to help users stuck in my situation I would be extremely grateful.

I suppose the most useful or important issue would be for hcxpcapngtool not to output any hccap files which are not crackable. Is it possible for you to please add the Key MIC check during conversion?

Thanks again for your time.

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