hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
An ideal use would be: hcxhashtool -i my22000hashlist –hccap-single -p mydirectoryofchoice
-> No, ideal within a bash script is
$ cd $HOME/.../mydirectoryofchoice
$ hcxhashtool -i $HOME/.../my22000hashlist –hccap-single

Another lucky part of this problem is the lack of randomness and the fact we only need to count upwards
-> No, because you don't know what frame exactly you're missing. The list is sorted by ANONCE.

... it does not affect genuine clients
-> If the CLIENT doesn't receive the requested frame, he will request it again. The same applies to hcxdumptool - it simply request a missing frame, too. A passive dumper doesn't request frames - result can/will be a packet loss!

I am still unsure how I manually determine ANONCEs which do not require NC
-> M2 frames, requested by hcxdumptool doesn't require NC. In this case NC == 0! On all other frames you can't be sure. If you send too many deauthentication frames, the AP will renew EAPOLCOUNTER, EAPOLTIMER and calculate a new ANONCE. In that case NC isn't working.

I notice you keep dropping very useful commands and info whilst talking with me which might get lost in this long thread for others reading at a later date.
-> 802.11 is a standard. All the basics can be found in www or in the PMKID thread or in this thread.

The more automated checks hcx-anything can do to validate a capture the better!
-> No, hcxtools are designed to be analysis tools. You must take a look at the results and improve your TTP's (Techniques Tactics Procedures) based on this results.

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