hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats
Hi ZerBea

The information you provide in hcxhashtool --info= is awesome and so neatly laid out. Things are so clear when reading those outputted results.

Can I make a request please? When a handshake capture is made via "ROGUE attack" could you please make clear on the "MAC_AP.....:" that the AP MAC is spoofed? I appreciate it is obvious to any professional that the AP MAC has to be spoofed due to the nature of the attack.

However if users make their own scripts, or look for specific MACs or hardware at a later date, it can sometimes be confusing (I have hccap's named by the spoofed MAC). As users can also include the oui.txt file and have names resolved it might allow the users (who are not paying attention) to misunderstand the actual real devices around them.

Could you please make it so when a "ROGUE attack" is printed out in the info the line "MAC_AP.....:" shows it is spoofed.

Current output = MAC_AP.....: 50e24ad54a0a (unknown)

Desired output = MAC_AP.....: 50e24ad54a0a (hcx spoofed)

Cosmetic note: In my personal opinion "AP-Less" was a much better term than "ROGUE attack".

I also really like the "RC INFO....:" outputs and confirmation notices of whether or not NC Correction is required, you have done a fantastic job.

Can I make another suggestion for another test within hcx? Often an AP advertises that WPS in enabled and available. Obviously most modern AP's are no longer vulnerable to "reaver" type attacks but the user has to manually work through and test this out. Is it possible to automate a better test to see if the AP is actually responding to PIN attempts but without going through the entire process of trying to crack the PIN?

The idea is to produce an information report on AP's that do not just advertise WPS but actually respond (are vulnerable) to PIN attempts.

Thanks again for all you do with hcx.

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