Using hashcat with maskprocessor - here: veracrypt
(08-19-2019, 07:50 PM)philsmd Wrote: ?1 is not the same as ?l

and ?! is completely wrong

you need to be more careful about what you see and what you type.

?1 is dollar ONE and ?l is dollar lower-case ELL

maskprocessor is not the same as hashcat. the syntax differ

The error above with "Hash 'part_I_remember?a?s': Hash-file exception" happened because you totally forgot to specify the hash file.

Please don't change the command line completely in some random manner if you do not know what the different parts mean. You for instance can't crack a hash file without specifying the hash file. It should be very obvious.

Thank you phil, for your hints.
I'm really sorry. Of course I know, that there are differences between ?1 and ?l. The problem really is, that I have mistyped and I really haven't seen it, because I have a massive lower vision problem, so it's hard for me to differ this characters, when I have typed the wrong ones.
But your hint is worthfull, that maskprocessor and hashcat have different syntaxes. I'm going to read about and tell again about what happened.


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