Lost access to Trezor one, no longer have the words in order
Hey guys,

I have recently updated the firmware on my Trezor, and unfortunately, it got wiped. I no longer have the piece of paper containing the words in order. But I do have all 24 words. Unfortunately, I don't remember what type of algorithm I have used when I saved them in a notepad file, so they are no longer in order.

Is there any way I can gain access to my Trezor only by having the 24 words? And I also have 3 btc addresses that I have received btc on my trezor. 

Thank you for your help!
hashcat doesn't support any Trezor-related formats that I'm aware of. I'll have to defer to other people's experience if there's a way to carry out an attack offline against an extracted Trezor 'hash'.

But just based on the attack / keyspace ... I presume it's probably slow (how many guesses per second can be performed). But even if it was fast, that wouldn't matter much, because of the math.

All possible orders of 24 words is, if I understand the permutation math correctly (and assuming that they cannot be repeated) is about 6 x 10^23 possibilities. That's more than can reasonably be exhausted with most available resources.