Do I need a processor supported by OpenCL to use hashcat with my GPU?
I recently started getting back into password cracking, and I am planning on building a suitable rig.
The problem is, that I only have old motherboards. The one I am planning to use only supports processors up to Intel Core2 Quad Q9650. But I want to use the graphics card for cracking anyway. I thought of an Nvidia GeForce GT 700 series or above. My question is: Won't the processor be an issue? It is not supported by OpenCL.
I was unable to find any information about this by googling.
Thanks for Your help.
hahscat can run CPU only, GPU only or in mixed settings, default is GPU only, so the CPU is more or less "unimportant"

see hashcat help option

I followed this informations.

I you will use only small list of passwords < 100GB and you do not plan to do advanced attacks, 16GB of ram are enought. Also with the CPU you can go with the cheapest AMD of previous gen and save the money for an GPU. They are rare at the moment.

kind regards