hashcat v6.2.0
Please add support to old Blockchain wallets with difficulty 10. Hashcat 6.2.6 does not support it.
Just curious, can the unsigned integer type for the "count_words" function in wordlist.c be changed from "u64" to "uintmax_t"?

I still sometimes get this error when trying to use large wordlists:

"Integer overflow detected in keyspace for wordlist" (originates from straight.c with -m 0, straight dictionary attack)

With that stated, this is what I earn when trying to use a 165 GB wordlist on a system that only has 128 GB of RAM, I suppose.  (Yes, I know that I should look up splitting tools for these "monster" wordlists, so I will also look into that.)
is there anybody that knows if it works on lenovo tablets?