Hashcah converter error
I get the following error. Can someone tell me what this means and how to fix? Thanks in advance.

Handshake extraction failed! Warning: wrong timestamps!
This dump file contains frames with wrong timestamps.
It prevent calculation of EAPOL TIMEOUT values.
That is a bug of the capturing tool.
The tool that you have used to capture the traffic (or the tool which you have used to clean the captured dump file), stored wrong time stamps (date time of the captured packet).
A correct time stamp is mandatory to calculate the time between two EAPOL messages to get a valid message pair on that hashcat can work.

Look for a newer version of the capturing tool.
Consider to use another tool to capture the traffic.
Do not clean your dump files.

It would be very helpful if you report a full log of the conversion, using this services, here:

Both services are absolutely free and you'll get an expanded log of the result of the conversion process.