Need to extract plaintext for truncated MD5 hashes
My request is here (and below):

I have an odd situation here. I have a few thousand partial MD5 hashes (first 6 characters), and I know that the plaintext is 10 lowercase hex digits (0000000000-ffffffffff). This basically comes out to a trillion MD5 hashes. Also because they are truncated MD5 hashes, there are going to be several possible matches.

So, I am curious with my 3080, if I can provide in the partial MD5s (first 6 characters) and the criteria of 10 lowercase hex characters, if hashcat can give me the list of possibilities?

Willing to pay
This violates our forum rules.

> "Do not ask people to crack your hash. It does not matter if you are willing to pay."
I am not asking for someone to crack it for me, but to develop a customer kernel, as you said in the linked post
Fair point - I was reading too fast! Honestly not something that's come up before (for me, anyway).
Forgot to mention that I am willing to pay $250 for this.
It's fairly easy to achieve this with python, though of course the performance is significantly lower, the development effort is significantly easier as a result.

A hashcat module is a little harder to develop.
Disregard, went elsewhere for this
I figured I'd jump in here as well. Similar problem, that I might have the first 12 bytes (relates to the characters of the 5268AC WPA2 password) of either MD5 or SHA1, rather than the full set. Would love for hashcat to be able to find the plain text that matches those. (going to be potentially multiple possible answers as I understand it)

And yes, I've got the homebrew algorithm to do it, it's just soooooooooo slow!