H510 Pro BTC+ Motherboard with 5x GPU Compatibility
I'm in the process of building out a password cracking rig and I was hoping the hashcat community might be able to clarify something. The board we have speced out is an ASRock H510 Pro BTC+. It's a 6 pcie slot motherboard, and as the name implies, it's made for mining bitcoin. Does anyone foresee this being an issue with hashcat? Any potential hardware incompatibility with something like this? It will be running a single CPU with 8 cores (enough for 1 core per card), and 32GB of ram.

Any advice or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and take care.
That board will definitely not be ideal. Basically any bitcoin mining or similar hardware should be avoided. That board will force all the cards to x1 lanes, which will impact performance pretty significantly, as well as be under spec'd on RAM and possibly still CPU since its H510 so limited to lower end CPUs. 1 core per card is decent, but 32gb for 8 GPUs is almost surely not enough. You want Sys RAM >= VRAM combined. So 8x 2080 TI 11gb = 88gb of Sys RAM minimum.
Damn, glad I asked on this. I do remember reading the RAM to VRAM requirement now that you mentioned that. We planned to use 5x 3090s @ 24GB each so that was a huge oversight. Sounds like it's best to use a workstation motherboard and drop down to 4x GPU instead so we can get 4 slots in x16 mode. Then we can move over to a Xeon processor with 10 cores and have 2 cores per card along with 128GB of RAM. Appreciate the info, thanks.