--remove isn't removing all hashes
Looks like is still happening with hashcat.
Had a list, run once to clean, no rules and got a number of found ones.
Run a second time and few more were found.
Ok, a third run just to see what happen: a few more found and some are the same
one as before!
Didn't check if the list have duplicated hahes, but after tree
runs, with the same command line... I'm not sure if hashcat
is doing a complete cleaning of duplicated hashes, if that's the case.
Only after 5 runs and also cleaning the list from duplicated hashes before
runing hashcat, got the expected 0 founds.
Can anyone do a simulation, no rules used, just a list against a dicitionaires
files and confirm or not ?

In another words: the hash list MUST be cleaned from duplicated hashes
before run hashcat ?
(03-30-2012, 07:58 PM)undeath Wrote: if the same hash appears multiple times it is only removed once. sort -u your hash file before running it through hashcat.
Thanks for the advice. I'll do it for sure.
done with 0.08