unkown hash type - can't find it anywhere

im new to the forum and I have a problem from with a hash I can't identify. the hashes are from the kiwi taxi database and look like this:

I entered some "X" butĀ numberĀ of chars is the same

Password: nUNVnckt57yZMY3pBpjlcedDyzzGb5VrKXXXXXXXXXXOsjJyAKVJEkU6v/KkUU6lUcj1c/KSGwcZTwAJBEpL/Q==

Salt: 313ae215937f39a8bf5d3a44880061XXXXXXXXXXce8516860cd1d301b130

which hashcat mode it this type? never seen this before and the online hash identifiers can't find it

thanks for help!!
in general, we could say it could be anything... except if you know the exact algorithm used (I'm not sure what kiwi taxi uses, not familiar with it... but maybe you can find it out somehow or google it).

the hash just seems to be base64 encoded... so you probably get binary data (raw bytes) when you decode it.... from the hash length you might be able to exclude some algorithms (because it's a long hash)... you can do some educated guesses, but best would be to know the exact algorithm, otherwise it could be anything... even salt added at the beginning and end etc...